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Green tea is often praised for its beneficial qualities and its consumption has deep roots in Eastern culture and tradition.

Green tea is a sweet, mellow tea. The leaf is processed minimally and remains high in antioxidants and vitamin C, while also being low in caffeine and the tea leaves remain bright green due to a heating process known as ‘fixation’ which removes the enzymes responsible for oxidation.

Australian Green Tea

Grown in Kiewa Valley in Tawonga, VIC. This high quality tea is subjected to limited processing leaving the palate cleansed and refreshed. Try this home grown tea, we rate it as one of the world's best.

China Gunpowder

These tightly rolled balls of green tea are known as ‘Gunpowder’, as this is what they were believed to be by the baffled early European traders. These combustible little balls have a strong tangy aroma and an intriguingly sweet flavour.

China Sencha

A delicate and delightfully refreshing tea. Known for its grassy aroma, Chinese sencha is slightly sweeter on the palate than the Japanese variety.

Curly Clouds

A specialty from the Yunnan province, these young tea leaves are handrolled into tight balls that resemble clouds. As the clouds unroll they realise a dry, yet very refreshing flavour that is quite similar to white tea.

Double Happiness Flowering Tea

Lily Fairy Flowering Tea
“Bai He Xian Zi”
Beginning as a ball this tea opens like a flower, with outer petals of delicate green tea and an inner blossom of bright orange lily and jasmine flowers. Watch as the orange lily rises out of the sea of green tea below. A fabulous tea to share in wonder with friends.
Blossoming Lily
“Bai He Xiu Qiu”
Watch as these hand-rolled leaves unfurl before you. The soothing white tea leaves will lift an orange lily to you, an offering of a beautiful flower. Smile, relax and watch it blossom.
Green Darjeeling

The Darjeeling region produces some of the world’s best quality black tea and this green tea is no different. Light and highly aromatic this tea is a must try for any Darjeeling lover.

Green Monkey

This light and delicate green tea is hand curled and is a specialty of the Fujian province. It has an incredible subtle flavour that is reminiscent of white tea.

Japan Gyokuro - Organic

Regarded as THE Japanese tea, Gyokuro is a revered tea. Our rare 1st Flush variety is cultivated in complete shade making the leaves a deep green colour with a true Japanese flavour. High in anti-oxidants, this is an exquisite, quality tea that every connoisseur must try.

Japan Kokeicha

A truly unique tea experience. These tea leaves are made from a dough formed with powdered green tea. The tea has a bold, sharp flavour completely different from other green teas.

Japan Matcha

Matcha is the premium grade fine green tea powder used in Japan for tea ceremonies. Rich in vitamins with a mild and spicy taste. To drink, mix a small teaspoonful with tepid water.


Japan Sencha

The Japanese have devoted themselves to producing top quality green tea for centuries. They have refined their art to this smooth refreshing brew that has a strong grassy aroma and is enlivening on the palate. Taste the tea that has been generations in the making.

Long Jing - Dragonwell

This famous Chinese tea is produced by pan frying the flat jade leaves to produce the characteristic mellow flavour. With a delicious aroma and a slightly sweet aftertaste engage your senses in ancient Chinese dragon lore.

Matcha Iri Sencha

Matcha with sencha, a unique blend of full bodied matcha with light and refreshing Japanese Sencha. A grassy flavour with a sweet undertone that any green tea drinker is sure to love!


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