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We use natural flavours to create our divine selection of flavoured black teas, some blends contain pieces of dried fruit or a sprinkling of petals for an intense flavour boost.

Not sure where to start? Why not try our popular Turkish Delight or Afternoon Bliss flavoured blacks.

Afternoon Bliss

A soothing blend of China & Ceylon teas with subtle hints of vanilla and a creamy finish, this tea is a delightful palette pleaser. Seductively sweet, yet mild – this tea is perfect to enjoy any afternoon. Delicious with a drop of milk!

Almond & Vanilla

There is nothing quite like the taste of almonds, and this tea captures all their unique nutty goodness. Combined with vanilla beans, this sweet tea is sure to hit the spot.

Apple & Cinnamon

This wholesome tea with its hearty blend of Chinese black tea, zesty freshness of sweet apples and warmth of spicy cinnamon is just like indulging in a large slice of homemade apple pie.

Apricot & Peach

Sweet apricots, juicy peaches and vibrant marigold blossoms combine in this delightful tea. Light and bright, this fruity infusion will fill you with joy with every sip.

Arctic Fire

This refreshing tea really packs a punch. The strong minty flavour will invigorate your mind and the sweet undertones will soothe your senses.

Banana Split

It’s the tea with the works – luscious tropical banana smothered in lashings of cream, dreamy chocolate sauce and a delightful nutty undertone. Quite the indulgence.


A pleasing palate of summer berries encompassed within Chinese black tea. This uplifting brew has a gorgeous fruity flavour.


A bodacious blend of real Blackberry pieces and leaves combined seamlessly with Chinese black tea to provide a bright fruity infusion.

Blue Mountain

Reminiscent of a cool mountain breeze, a fragrant blend of Chinese black tea sprinkled with blue cornflowers to give a velvety refreshing taste.

Bouquet of Sweetness

Indulge in an enchanting experience, with this, simple yet elegant brew. The subtle flavour of vanilla and enhancing aroma of rose petals, this tea is like a match made in heaven.

Café Latte

Better than coffee, it’s tea! A luscious blend of cocoa, chocolate, creamy milk and coffee beans infused within the humble tea leaf.

Canberra Breeze

A sip of this mellow blend of caramel, berries and rose will have you surrounded with a tranquil and amiable aura; just as that of Canberra itself.


The natural sweet flavour of caramel lends itself to this subtle creamy tea.

Cherry Lane

This sweet tea is filled with the dark, addictive flavour of summer cherries. One sip will have you dreaming of  sunny days spent wandering along cherry blossom lined lanes.

Cherry Ripe

Lush cherries and tropical coconut drenched in smooth chocolate captured within a cup of tea.  A guilt free chocolate treat!

Chilli Chocolate Tea

For the adventurous chocoholic.  A smooth subtle chocolate flavour combined with a kick of chilli – brew longer for extra spice.

Chilli Cinnamon Tea

A fiery treat for heat seekers. The warmth of cinnamon and the red hot heat of chilli combine in this spicy sensation.

Chilli Tea

Get your tongue tingling with this fiery blend of chilli and tea. A spicy tea that leaves you quenched and on fire all at once.

China Lychee

The stimulating sweetness of Lychee fruit combines with China black tea to create a fun, fruity tea.

China Rose

Like sitting in a rose garden with a hot cup of tea in your hands. This blend of China black tea has been smothered with roses to give an intoxicating floral aroma and flavour.

China Rose

Like sitting in a rose garden with a hot cup of tea in your hands. This blend of China black tea has been smothered with roses to give an intoxicating floral aroma and flavour.

Choc Vanilla

A magic medley of smooth vanilla and irresistible chocolate blended with classic Chinese black tea. A treat for the tastebuds.


For the chocoholic in us all. Through this tea enjoy the smooth creamy flavour of chocolate, without the calories!

Christmas Tea

Like Christmas in July this tea can be enjoyed at any time of the year. A festive blend of Ceylon tea with cinnamon, cloves, almond and a hint of fruit will produce a jolly flavour.

Coconut Tea

Drift away to tropical paradise with this fragrant coconut infusion.  Spicy chai is perfectly complimented with sweet coconut in this alluring brew.


Sweet and full of flavour this tea is bursting with cranberry goodness. A lovely tea that is refreshing fruity and the perfect afternoon cuppa.

Crème Brulee

The classic dessert now available in tea form. Tart toffee combines with creamy caramel in this smooth tea that melts in your mouth. It is divine bliss.

Warning: Crème Brulee Contains Dairy

Decaf Earl Grey

The light and zesty citrus flavours of bergamot are here combined with a dense base of Ceylon tea to produce a caffeine free delight that is sure to enthral you.

Decaf French Earl Grey

All the flavour of our divine French Earl Grey with none of the caffeine! With a sprinkling of rose petals and hibiscus flowers this tea is a treat you can brew right through the night.

Devonshire Cream

A scrumptious blend of smooth, creamy tea with just a touch of vanilla. Devine as an afternoon treat.

Earl Grey Berries

The Earl gets a new twist in this bodacious brew. A sweet swirl of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries infuse fresh life into this classic tea.

Earl Grey Cream

Always add a spot of milk to your tea? This tea is here to change your ways. Classic earl grey infused with a soft creamy flavour, no milk required.

Earl Grey Premium

The grand old Earl himself. Large leaf Ceylon tea is infused with bergamot to produce a vibrant citrus flavour which has delighted royals for generations.

French Earl Grey

A divine infusion of earl grey tea with a sumptuous floral infusion of hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and rose petals. A MUST for earl grey lovers.


Heavenly Earl Grey

A soothing blend of earl grey and orange pekoe tossed with lavender and rose. Take your earl grey experience to the next level with this gentle, floral blend.


There’s a buzz in the air about this tea. A sweet blend of black tea generously drizzled with honey. 

Imperial Spice

Reminiscent of mulled wine aromas at a county fair  this tangy blend of black tea, orange, vanilla and a hint of cloves will warm your heart and soothe your senses.

Irish Cream

Close your eyes and think of Ireland. A fine black tea swirling with a smooth Irish cream taste.


An alluring blend of chocolate and orange that leaves you with a subtle yet satisfying jaffa aftertaste.

Lemon & Ginger

Bringing back an old favourite. Black tea infused with a zesty twist of lemon and complimented by tangy ginger.

Licorice Tea

If you love the flavour of deep, sensual licorice then this is the tea for you. Infused with a light licorice flavour and morsels of licorice root, this black tea is one to lust after.


Flavoured with macadamias this tea has a smooth, creamy flavour. With a decadent nutty aroma enjoy a cup of this divine brew.


Enjoy the bright, juicy flavour of mandarins embodied within this brew.


Sun-kissed tropical mango infused into black tea and enriched with bright marigold blossoms. A summer treat to be enjoyed all year round.


Our take on the classic cocktail. With smooth whiskey, a splash of citrus and just a dash of cherry, let this little number take you to the bustling streets of the city that never sleeps. There is only one way to drink this beauty, shaken not stirred.

Mint Slice

A crisp chocolate beginning followed by a thick layer of delicious mint cream and a beautiful smooth coating of dark chocolate… all in a cup of tea.

Miss Grey

A dainty twist on the classic earl grey. The refreshing citrus flavour of bergamot tea adorned with beautiful blue cornflowers.

Monks Pear

Meditate over a cup of this serene tea. Citrusy bergamot and delicate jasmine flowers infused within a cup of Chinese black tea.


A veritable explosion of summer flavours. Sunflowers and tangy passionfruit combine in this bright, zingy blend. 


Go on a safari of a different kind. Hunt out strawberries, spot reclusive raspberries and pursue elderberries as you discover the delights of this fruity blend.


Soursop is a unique tropical fruit that is sweet and tangy. This  brew captures all the delicious tropical goodness of the fruit in this flavour packed tea.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Indulge in a decadent sticky toffee pudding. Dreamy butterscotch aromas and real caramel pieces that melt on your tongue are captured within this tea. A delicious after dinner treat.

Warning: Sticky Toffee Pudding Contains Dairy

Stockholm Blend

A tutti-frutti northern blend. Peaches, Apricots and Oranges combine with rose and marigold petals to create a delightfully fruity cup of tea.

Strawberries & Champagne

Raise your glass to this lively blend. Sweet strawberries intermingle with the sparkly tang of champagne. Cheers!

Strawberries & Cream

The English tradition. Take sweet, succulent strawberries and smoother them in rich, full cream, then infuse with tea. Dessert in a cup.

Strawberry Sweetheart

A brew that is made and filled with love. Sweet strawberries covered in decadent chocolate make this blend the perfect treat for your special someone.

Totally Nuts

Spicy cinnamon, flaked almonds and sweet caramel combine in this delicious tea. Warm and comforting this sweet tea is the perfect tea to curl up with on cold winter’s nights.

Truffle Tea

Smooth, velvety and utterly delicious. This creamy, dream of a tea is full of sweet sensations that will leave sweet tooths weak at the knees.

Contains NUTS – Candied Macadamias.

Contains Dairy

Does not contain gluten

Turkish Delight

Melt into the world of tantalising Turkish delight. With this blend of chocolate and rose, you may even forget you are drinking tea.


Real pieces of vanilla float through this tea as it brews. A dreamy blend with the finest natural vanilla flavour.


The malty, dense flavour of whiskey is captured within these tea leaves. As the saying goes, a dash of whiskey to warm the blood.

White Peach

Juicy peaches bursting with summer sweetness combined with subtle white & black tea create this sunshine filled stunning tea.


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