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African BOP – Teza Estate

Go on a safari through the wild and catch yourself a cup of this rare brew. This wild beast has a strong bite and daring streak that will certainly keep you on your toes.

Assam 2nd Flush

Assam tea is grown along the flat plains of the region, making it quite unique in comparison to the mountain teas produced elsewhere in the country. The result is a rich, malty, dense tea that will impress tea lovers.

Grading: STGFOP1

Assam Thanai Estate

This premium blend is full of gorgeous golden tips that produce a rich, malty flavour. Cultivated on a single estate this tea is sweeter than other Assam’s making it utterly addictive for tea connoisseurs.

Grading: STGFOP1

Australian Breakfast

A delicious blend of Australian grown Daintree tea with a hint of Assam for strength. The perfect home grown cuppa to put a spring in your step for the day.

Australian Daintree

The Daintree region has rich, fertile soil which produces superb black tea. When brewed this tea is a deep russet colour & has a well-rounded strong flavour.

Australian Eucalyptus

Indulge in an authentic Australian experience with this blend of Daintree tea spiked with eucalyptus leaves. Restore your sinuses with this fresh, invigorating tea.

Billy Tea

The quintessential Australian Bush Beverage. Home grown Daintree tea infused with eucalyptus leaves and a strong smoky flavour. Go bush with this terrific Aussie brew.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

A luxurious infusion with an almost oaky flavour and a strong, smooth finish. A highly aromatic tea designed for those who love the classics.

Darjeeling Castleton Estate 1st Flush

This single estate Darjeeling is quite simply superb. Light and brimming with aromatic flavour, it is not surprising to learn that this tea garden was established in 1885, and has been producing top quality tea ever since.

Darjeeling First Flush

Known as the champagne of teas, these young tea leaves are picked at the start of the season. The tea trees in this region yield a gorgeously delicate tea that is an absolute delight to drink.

Grading: STGFOP1

Darjeeling Second Flush

The older sister to Darjeeling 1st Flush, this tea has a slighter stronger and denser flavour whilst still maintaining the light, flirty charm characteristic of Darjeeling teas. Grading: SFTGFOP1

Grading: STGFOP1

Darjeeling Vintage

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, this region produces high quality delicate leaves. These vintage leaves are stored during the picking season to allow them to produce a richer, more multifaceted aromatic flavour. 

Grading: STGFOP1

Decaf Ceylon

Ceylon tea is renowned for its rich flavour and inviting aroma. Indulge in this classic cup of caffeine free tea no matter how late the hour.

East Frisian

A jolly good cup of tea. This Indian whole leaf tea with lots of gorgeous golden tips has a hearty, malty flavour that is hard to resist.

English Breakfast Supreme

A traditional treat. This stimulating blend of Assam and Ceylon teas has a refined flavour with a smooth finish.

Golden Mao Feng

A tea connoisseur’s dream! Sweet, full-bodied and incredibly smooth this tea hits all the right notes. Steep quickly and drink black to enjoy the premium quality of this must-try blend.

Golden Monkey - Yunnan

This glorious golden tea starts out as tightly rolled leaves. The tea unfolds before your eyes to produce a light tea which is sweet, slightly smoky and utterly gorgeous. 

Irish Breakfast

A full bodied blend of Ceylon and Assam. This tea is a malty, hearty brew with a solid helping of endearing Irish charm.

Just Tea (Ceylon Blend)

Searching for a plain cuppa? Look no further. This fine cut Ceylon blend brews to a deep, refined, strong cup of tea. Just delicious.


A classic medium strength tea from the Anhui province. This tea has a delightful delicate aroma with subtle hints of orchid flavours and a smooth aftertaste.

Lapsang Souchong (Tarry)

Smoked over fine wood, this beautiful whole leaf tea has a dense and rich flavour. The smoky aroma can be identified from across the room and will draw you in like a warm crackling fire in winter.

Lovers Leap

A beaming and fragrant tea with a strong kick. Ponder over loves lost and gained with this deep and intense brew.

Nepalese Orange Pekoe

This tea is delicate and light, yet bursting with layers of flavour. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and with many qualities similar to Darjeeling, this tea is simply a delight to drink.


This tea produced in Southern India has a distinctive robust flavour. A perfect slightly stronger  tea for those looking for a boost in their day.

Organic Assam

A bold and tenacious certified organic brew. Deep and full bodied this tea will draw you into its comforting strength.

Organic Ceylon Orange Pekoe

An exquisite, highly aromatic tea with an almost oaky body and subtle sweet undertones. This humble certified organic tea will captivate your senses with every sip.

Organic Earl Grey

A charming variety of the eternal classic. This certified organic blend has been lightly scented with bergamot oil to produce the characteristic citrus flavour.

Organic English Breakfast

A stimulating organic blend designed to kick-start the day. With a smooth finish and a good body of strength this tea is a wake-up call that you will look forward to every morning.

Platinum Black

Our signature blend is a carefully crafted combination of five of the highest grade teas from around the world. With a base of single estate first flush Darjeeling this perfect blend is sure to satisfy even the most discerning tea connoisseur. Light in colour with a sweet and full palate, drink black to appreciate this complex premium grade tea.

Prince of Wales

This regal brew is an elegant afternoon delight.  A medium strength tea with sophisticated  classic flavours, this tea is sure to impress.

Queen Mary

This dainty royal with her subtle flavours and delicate aroma is simply delightful. A beautiful light and refreshing brew perfectly suited  for High Tea.

Rainforest Magic

This luscious tropical brew combines Daintree tea with hibiscus, lemongrass, blackberries and sweet orange. A full bodied tea with an explosive flavour combination.

Russian Caravan Smoky

This distinctively smoky tea is surprisingly spicy yet mild in strength.  Reminisce of past times with this historic cuppa.

Russian Caravan Traditional

Inspired by long treks along the silk road, this tea will warm you right down to your toes. This wholesome blend has a slight kick that will keep you on your feet for days to come.

Scottish Breakfast

With its full bodied flavour and punchy strength this tea is not for the faint hearted. This undeniably strong blend of African and Ceylon tea is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Sikkim – Temi Estate

These tea leaves are nurtured by the mountain mists which travel across this high altitude region in the north of India. The result is a light tea that will soothe tender souls with subtle, simple flavours.

Simply Adorable

A blissful blend with an uplifting citrus aroma. The touch of bergamot added to this tea makes it, as the name suggests, simply adorable.

The Duchess

This is the quintessential tea for dainty dames. With lovely light notes, hints of sweetness and a delightful rounded finish, treat yourself to a cup of tea fit for royalty.


This divine aromatic brew is produced in the Yunnan province. The sweet, delicate flavour of this tea is filled with hints of smoke and honey.


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